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When choosing painted ceilings for ancient temple buildings, what are the necessary factors? Compared with ordinary home decoration ceilings, more attention should be paid to practicability and fashion, however, for large open buildings, we are more concerned about safety and aesthetics. Then we will share some experiences and selection methods, hoping to be useful to everyone. First, look at the material. In places such as ancient temple construction, the incense is prosperous due to the large flow of people. First of all, we have to choose the material of the ceiling. As we all know, aluminum is widely used in all types of building materials, because the plasticity, corrosion resistance and fire prevention of the material are more prominent than similar products. In particular, it is widely used in some public places such as airports, stations, hotels, squares with large crowds. Therefore, aluminum products are generally preferred for decoration materials in large public occasions. Second, look at the craft. The general aluminum suspended ceilings on the market are divided into three types from surface treatment: spray coating, roller coating and film coating. Now, the hand-painted and gold-plated craftsmanship based on traditional Chinese craftsmanship for temple painted ceilings has a more authentic texture. 3. Look at the ceiling keel. Aluminum plate ceiling keel generally has two installation methods: light steel keel and wooden keel. Wooden keels are easily deformed when they are wet, and ordinary light steel keels also have certain limitations in terms of weight. The aluminum panel ceiling is now equipped with a new type of matching keel, and the cross dovetail decoration is safe and beautiful. Second, look at after-sales service. A strong brand is also perfect in pre-sale design, sales tracking and after-sales service. It is most important to choose those with good after-sales service and company strength. Summary: When choosing the painted ceiling of ancient temples, focus on safety and service life. Generally, the life of a large building after renovation is at least 20-30 years or even longer. Therefore, when making a choice, it is necessary to compare its brand and company strength.
At present, the materials and brands that can be selected for the decoration materials of painted ceilings in ancient temples and other places on the market are not as many as those of traditional home decoration. So what basic requirements should we have for the purchase of painted ceilings?
Should we make a choice on the ceiling pattern of ancient temple-type buildings? The pattern style of ordinary home decoration is not suitable for the decoration style of ancient temple-type buildings. Different ceiling pattern styles are suitable for different building types, so it is necessary to choose the pattern style according to the overall style type.
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