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Fujian Nangu Company is located in Xianyou, Putian, the capital of Chinese classical art.
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Company profile

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Fujian Nangu Company is located in Putian Xianyou, the capital of Chinese classical art.

It is a new type of ancient building decoration enterprise integrating design, R & D, production and sales. It was established in May 2016. With its professional level and mature technology in the field of ancient building industry, it has rapidly risen in the ancient building decoration materials industry. He has accumulated rich industry experience in structural design of ancient buildings and indoor and outdoor ceiling decoration works of antique buildings. The projects have spread all over the country and Southeast Asia. The main contracted projects are: indoor and outdoor assembly projects such as ancient architectural projects, temple projects, tourist attractions, and home improvement Buddhist temples.

On the basis of making full use of the professional knowledge of the ancient building structure, we have successfully developed aluminum building arches, aluminum algae wells, aluminum decorative color beams, aluminum alloy ceilings and other ancient building decoration materials, and are widely used in temple buildings, Antique building projects such as ancient gate buildings and tourist attractions. With first-class product quality and superb technical service, it has been well received by users. In the three years to May 2019, it has installed aluminum alloy relief ceilings independently developed by the company for 50000 square meters of antique construction engineering, and provided customized products such as aluminum bucket arches and algae wells for many large and small antique projects.

In the process of development, the company has continuously reached cooperation with many domestic large-scale engineering projects: Quanzhou Keshan Temple, Guiyang Dongshan Temple, Shandong Wenfeng Pagoda, Shandong Biaohai Tower, Xuancheng Hongyuan Temple, Jinhua Jiang Zhengzhai, Nanchang Hu Yaobang Memorial Hall, Guang Tokyo Yuyuan and other key ancient construction projects.

Today, all employees of Nangu continue to innovate, take technology as the core, regard quality as life, and serve you professionally.

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